Phyllis Y. Whitley


Phyllis is a Holistic Wellness Consultant,  seasoned prophetic coach, teacher, and prayer warrior that focuses on the church, self, and relationship hurt. Phyllis is the CEO and Founder of Self Whisper, LLC, WhisperVise non-profit, and Prophetic Prayer Warrior (PPW). Phyllis has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Religion and a Master of Arts degree in Human Services specializing in Health and Wellness. She is an Ordained Minister who chooses to lead by example and not by her titles.

Phyllis has spent years as a relationship guru and has developed a passion for helping men and women to discover falling in love with themselves through biblical truth. This idea became the starting point of her flagship company Self Whisper.  After witnessing her own self hurts and church hurts, Phyllis began creating the idea of having a safe haven for those needing healing from the letdown of religion and learn how to manifest their own goodness through the revision of their stories with silent whispers in prayer; thus, the creation of WhisperVise.

Phyllis is a cancer survivor. She delights in being a pescatarian whose passionate about the health of your body, mind, and spirit. On the side, she works as a vacation consultant. She has a love for football and is ever continuing to expand her interests which include amateur golfing. She has worked as a volunteer in Crisis Counseling, Church administration, and prayer intercessor.

Phyllis is a native New Yorker currently residing in Florida.

Priscilla D. Whitley


Priscilla is a native of Alexandria, Va where she grew up taking interests in art, reading, photography, and learning languages. She has a BS in Accounting and MA in Business Administration.

After spending several years in banking and finance, Priscilla has turned her sights to educating the young and now works as an Elementary School Teacher. Her passion is to help the young ones to discover and learn their value through education even in the face of adversity. Priscilla has many years of experience volunteering in Children's ministry and administration.

Residing in Florida, Priscilla enjoys her time cooking new recipes, experimenting with international cuisine, practicing yoga, and discovering new skills to learn.

Priscilla is a current prayer warrior for WhisperVise.

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