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WhisperVise Revises The Broken Whispers Of Women Through Empowerment, Educating, And Prayer That Helps Them To Become Spirit-Preneurs Working in the Virtual Marketplace Leading From A God Consciousness Of I Am-ness!



WhisperVise provides a safe online space to discuss & revise church, self, and relationship hurts together.  We uniquely tackle topics across various means and brainstorm our viewpoints to collectively renew our faith in God and revise our old inner speech. Come and join in on a group discussion or just listen to witness how we conduct these self-study sessions.

Future goal: To create an active online discussion space in every time zone for healing within.



WhisperVise provides prayer morning, noon, and night by (WPPW) WhisperVise Prophetic Prayer Warriors for groups of up to 8 participants per call. We pray in the heavenly language to maximize our spiritual worship and awakening within. Any questions regarding obtaining the gift of heavenly language please send your request below.

Future goal: To create WhisperVise prayer groups in every state across the nation that's available 24/7 days per week.



 Individual and group sessions through Self Whisper. We empower, train, and revise current & future leaders how to move from a stuck unconstructive cycle of a past relationship hurts to manifesting the best version of yourself that will ultimately lead you back to your first love, God. 

Future goal: To continue to build, train and mentor women to regain the empowerment in their voice and become true SpiritPreneurs.

 Join us in making a difference in providing education, training, coaching, platform support, and free updated equipment for women in need of sponsorship.

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If you have a deep desire to help others through prayer, please join WisperVise Prophetic Prayer Warriors (WPPW) by contacting us.

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